It all started in 1969, when grandfather Eliseu founded the Foneria with great enthusiasm and desire to prosper. The grandfather was a curious man by nature, always interested in how things work and the innovations of everything around him. He was restless and hard-working. This desire to learn and go further was entrusted to his grandson, who has the same name as him, Eliseu. They were always going up and down putting things together and taking them apart, learning and enjoying time together.

Eliseu acquired some values ​​from his grandfather that have made him who he is, a person who loves his work and has never settled, who has always wanted to improve and experiment with new things. In fact, the factory that his grandfather founded only made industrial pieces, Eliseu's father continued in this line and Eliseu wanted to enter the artistic world, rounding off his knowledge by going to study at the School of Arts and Offices in Vic and doing an internship in the Ginfer Phone Shop in Reus.

Currently, we have set aside industrial production to focus on the world of art, with the advantage that they give us knowledge in the world of industrial foundry.

Fonery company

From that moment until today we have had the good fortune to work for excellent artists such as Xicu Cabanyes, Manel Palahí, Susana Solano, Eduard Arranz-Bravo, Sophie-Elisabeth Thompson, Mercè Riba, Domènec Fita, Rosa Serra and Samuel Salcedo, among others, and to work for a building as emblematic and worldwide known as La Sagrada Família de Barcelona.

The doors of La Foneria are always open to everyone, whether they are renowned sculptors, emerging sculptors or people who are simply interested in our trade. We are currently collaborating with the Schools of Arts and Crafts of Catalonia and with the Foundry Department of the University of Fine Arts of Barcelona.

Our team

We have a luxury team, made up of people who are passionate about their work and with more than 20 years of experience in the trade, which is reflected in the quality of the pieces that go out the door.

Eliseu Buxadé

  • Third generation of a family of foundries.

  • He has more than two decades of experience in the foundry sector, both artistic and industrial.

  • Specialist in artistic aluminum casting.

  • Graduated in the foundry specialty at the Vic School of Arts and Crafts.

Marc Estany

  • Graduated in FP2 in the field of metal.
  • He worked 14 years in the metal industry as a numerical control machinist.
  • He worked for 12 years as a sculptor's assistant.
  • Sculptor with more than 20 years of experience. It has its own work of different materials: wrought iron, assembled iron and artificial stone.
  • Specialist in silicone and fiberglass molds.

Laia Bielsa

  • Student for two years at the University of Girona specializing in Art History.
  • Administrative Management Course at the Girona School of Business Management.
  • Community Manager of the FABCE Foundry.