The trisquel is undoubtedly one of the best known symbols of Celtic culture. It is formed by three spiral arms joined in a central point. This sign was typical of the Celtic Druids, as it was sacred and referred to THREE number, very important whitin the Celtic culture.

This talisman means EVOLUTION, LEARNING AND CONSTANT GROWTH, but also conveys the idea of BALANCING between the body, consciousness and spirit. 

The Celtic spiral is characterized by its lack of principle or end, meaning ETERNAL LIFE, day to day, time and the Sun, that every night is hidden to reappear every dawn.

The three partners of the FABCE foundry are identified with this symbol. Every day we look at IMPROVING, LEARNING, TEACHING, and so DEVELOPMENT and EVOLUTION of these professionals that fufill our expectations.

Below we introduce you to the team:



- It has two decades of experience in the artistic foundry sector.

- the last charge on Barberí Foundation.

- The last apprentice on the already disappeared Master Ramon Castey i Sala.



- Third generation of a Casting Family.

- Has more than two decades of experience in the sector of foundry both artistic and industrial.

- Specialist in aluminium foil casting.

- Degree in the foundry specialty at the School of Arts and Crafts on Vic.



- Student for two years at the University of Girona in the specialty of History of Art.

- Management Course at the School of Business Management of Girona.

- Community Manager of the FABCE Foundation.